Question: If the County of Kaua’i is going to do daily video updates to let the people know of the latest rules and restrictions would it seem fair to say that they would actually respond to the people that comment?

Answer: Nope.

A strange thing has been happening on the County of Kaua’i’s Facebook page since the pandemic hit.

Mayor Derek Kawakami has done an almost daily, high production video update letting the people know of the latest infection counts and rules, and restrictions.

These videos must be costing the County a pretty penny. In fact in our research through the USA we have not seen a single county doing what Mayor Kawakami does.

It’s almost like watching a movie.

But there are two interesting (and scary) things we have noticed as these video updates have progressed.

1. The Mayor Is Governing AT people
2. The Mayor and his team pretty much stonewalls everyone.

Let’s talk about #1

The Mayor Is Governing AT people

If you notice in the daily updates it almost feels like watching a high-production news broadcast. Fancy graphics and video B-roll. The mayor comes out wearing a mask and rips it off before he speaks.

He then proceeds to rattle off the covid numbers and stats, repeating almost the same thing daily. He then proceeds to tell us what restrictions we have, what we can’t do and then talks about the vaccine.

That’s it pretty much it in a nutshell.

He never talks about what his decisions are doing to the people. He never talks about the goal. Never talks about his endgame. He never shares his real intentions.

That leads me to #2

The Mayor and his team pretty much stonewalls everyone.

You would think that if the Mayor and his team is using Facebook to make announcements and they have comments turned on…. they would actually respond to people.

If you want to go see a spectacle. Go look at the comments on the video posts. You have a handful of his vigilant supporters and a WHOLE BUNCH of very upset residents who have frankly had enough.

Here is a perfect example of the stonewalling that happens on a daily basis.

Residents are frustrated to say the least.

People do not like to be governed at and they sure don’t like valid concerns to be stonewalled.

All one has to do is spend a little time reading the comments to understand the wrong that is being thrown at us by the County of Kaua’i

We challenge the Mayor to hold a virtual town meeting. No script. No video production team.

Just he and the microphone. Let the residents ask him the tough questions.


“What’s the real plan to open?”

“Are you planning to get us into Regular Safe Travels or not?”

We challenge the Mayor to be 100% transparent with us.

No more stonewalling of our questions.

We deserve to have honest conversations with the county.

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Laura Gosch
Laura Gosch
3 years ago

To the point! The Kawakami regime is a propaganda machine. It is quite frightening to witness this. He reinforces ignorance and fear by twisting facts and withholding information. We have seen this throughout history, with always tragic results.

3 years ago

We need to open the island, we need our lives back, otherwise we will get depression that may kill us instead of covid crap..
The mayor should listen, don’t be selfish

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