There has been a lot of speculation on who is and what we stand for.

It’s Simple…


+ We are a group of concerned families, local business owners, and investors in Kauai County, Hawaii who believe we need to find the balance of keeping our Island safe and open for business and travel.

+ We are for getting Kauai into the “Safe Travels” program. As a group, we feel the current 2-Step Testing/Quarantine plan is far too prohibitive and we are greatly concerned about our families, economy, and future.

+ We are your neighbors, your friends, your local businesses, and shops. We are small businesses, big businesses, entrepreneurs, employers in many industries on the island.

+ We are for balance, safety, and economic recovery. We strongly feel that there needs to be a balance and that keeping us completely shut down is not good for our future, families, and community.


+ We are not “anti-maskers”

+ We are not “Anti-Vaxxers” – we feel people get to make their own decision when it comes to vaccines.

+ We are not into conspiracy theories

+ We are not all the crazy things you see people posting online or in Facebook groups.

There may be other groups with strong opinions regarding covid-19, masks, government, and other restrictions but this is not us.

We have one goal and one goal only.

To re-open the island and get into the regular “Safe Travels” program.

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Heather Odendaal
3 years ago

Thank you for creating this space for people who would like for Kauai to be able to recover and thrive! We believe in the social and economic stability of this beautiful island.

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