We have received a few messages similar to this one but yesterday Stacy share this one with us.

We’ve done everything we can to keep cases down. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, businesses, hours, and salaries. Hundreds are homeless or on the verge of losing their home. People are leaving our island as homelessness is on the rise.

Our largest resorts have been shut down or operating at less than 20% occupancy. Bubble resorts make up a very small percentage of total hotel inventory so the “results” of resort bubbles may be skewed by this.
We need to opt back into the Safe Travels program immediately to allow our infrastructure time to rebuild while airlines are slowly adding flights.

It is heartbreaking that I have actually worked shoulder to shoulder with other professionals in hospitality who now live in their cars or are bouncing from home to home because they simply can’t make enough to keep a roof over their heads…. now, many of them don’t even know where their next meal is coming from.

Each month, we lose more and more business due to the current quarantine rules. In our attempt to keep Covid at bay, our community is slowly dying from a collapse in our economy. We need to establish some transitional ground to start rebuilding immediately.

Stacy Manzo

These stories are heartbreaking to say the least. How can we as a community sit around and watch this happen to our friends and family?

This is 100% preventable. Getting into “Safe Travels” immediately is the first step we desperately need right now.

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