For those of you that remember watching “Cold War” era movies you may have remembered a common phrase that characters would often say to others when they were traveling in countries behind the wall: “Papers Please“.

This story submitted to us yesterday shows how we really need to stop, think, and look around how some of us are acting right now.

I have been on the island since July 14th. Quarantined in my home, then got a rental car for a short time before being able to use my daughter’s car.

Yesterday, I needed to give the car back to my daughter, so had booked a rental car for the balance of my stay.

When I went to the counter and gave my name, I was immediately asked for my “Safe Travels” information. I have no safe travel information. There was no Safe Travels, only a 14-day quarantine when I arrived.

I suggested they check their records, as Id rented through them after my quarantine. The woman was obviously upset and frustrated with me and the situation. A manager came out and asked me dozens of questions. Wanted me to produce all sorts of things that I don’t have…ie proof of residency.

She suggested I go to the actual airport and talk to the people there connected with safe travels.

All the while I’m Madly searching on my phone for proof Of my arrival in July that they seemed to think would help…then it occurred to me that that would not prove that I hadn’t left the island after that, so that was useless.

Finally, the manager called her boss who was not working yesterday. Thank goodness. It was suggested I sign a form that says everything I have told them is true.

Honestly, I didn’t read it. Just signed it, and finally got my car.

We will ask the question again…

Is this what it has come to? Is this the way we want to continue in the future? Surely as a community, we can come together and make this right.

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Jeanne F
Jeanne F
3 years ago

-so not right,thank you for sharing

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