The comments, stories, and cries for help have been flooding in since we decided to form and give a voice to residents and business owners who are struggling with the current travel restrictions.

Many have asked, “Why haven’t the residents and business owners spoken up till now?”

It’s a complicated issue, to say the least. Here is a post by resident Dave Rutherford that sums up what so many are thinking and finally are having the courage to speak up.

I have kept relatively silent on this topic for almost a full year now. As I am sure there will be those who will angrily berate me for the following statements. However, my hope is that it will encourage an open dialogue with a path to actually help all of us not just some of us.

This is getting beyond ridiculous…

The good of our community entails far more than burying our collective heads in the sand. We all deserve better and more of a proactive comprehensive strategy for returning our lives to some sense of normalcy.

Emergency Powers should be temporary and not open-ended. Something must be done to end the stranglehold and fear-mongering we are being held captive by.

We need leadership that is receptive to all points of view and willing to make COMPRISES that will help the entire community.

Nothing has been done to actually shore up our “limited resources” (ICU beds) in the event there was actually a need for it. Which there has not been even when our cases were briefly on the rise. 99% of the people who had contracted C-19 were easily able to stay at home during recovery.

However, plenty of resources have been expended upon projects such as skate parks, basketball courts, restaurant cards even though many have had to close, and more such items that have done nothing to assist with actually reopening our community.

The “Resort Bubble” is an obvious failure. As is making our own residents also forced to participate in that or stopping on another island for 3 days upon return home vs being able to Quarantine at home for 3 days and then test again.

Our community is suffering incomprehensible damage from the lack of our economic lifeblood… tourism. The homeless population is soaring due to the unemployment level skyrocketing. More people have committed suicide here than have died from this virus.

Mental, physical, and emotional wellness have all declined with the rise of depression and dependence upon the government to provide sustenance.

Yet the solution continues to be the path below? This path will continue to decimate small businesses and large alike. Leading us into an economic depression level event. That will kill far more people than this virus will. Look up the Great Depression to see the kind of effects that had on people.

Do something simple even. Reopen Kauai without all of the restrictions placed upon residents and businesses alike, keep Safe Social Distancing in play, REJOIN the State’s Safe Travels Plan and then monitor and limit daily/ weekly/ monthly tourism #s to 50% of 2019’s capacity.

That simple action plan alone would put us on the right path.

Dave Rutherford would love to get your feedback and hear your story of how the current restrictions have affected you and your family.

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3 years ago

While it’s absurd to have a “One Size Fits All” attitude to each Island with regard to COVID-19 measures. Its unquestionably unnecessary to keep the schools on Kauai half-closed as one size, as it turns out, does fit all when it comes to the education of our children.

Scott Wardlaw
Scott Wardlaw
3 years ago

Time to open up Kaua’i!

3 years ago

Thank you for being brave enough to share your words. Yes, many many individuals feel the same. It is time for life to resume. Use the testing tools and common sense to embrace being alive. Allow our residents to feel proud and successful again.

3 years ago

Yes I don’t understand the 3 day q in bubble or have to stay 10 day home.

Allen Craig
Allen Craig
3 years ago
Reply to  Ana

It is the distrust that govt has that people will self quarantine for the 3 days and then test! The bubble requires a Gps monitor restricting movement out of its designated quarantine area though these can include spaces ,that both may occupy ,such as Dukes Restauant. Only large corporational businesses will reap the benefit of this
Lock down and individual businesses will pay the price.

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