Mayor Kawakami. This is an open letter from the many residents and business owners who are on the edge of complete economic and emotional disaster.

Please get us into the State’s “Safe Travels” program and give us a chance before we experience an economic and emotional catastrophe that the people of Kauai have never experience before.

This catastrophe is actually avoidable if you take action RIGHT NOW.

The people you serve, the people you represent. The people you are protecting need you right now to show leadership and save us.

We have been patient.

We have been for the most part quiet.

We have looked to you as our leader to guide us.

We know you are not perfect. You make mistakes just we all do.

You have done an excellent job in getting the vaccine to our island and helping our kupuna and starting the foundation of safety.


Your continued actions of extending these emergency proclamations when the rest of our State is on the road to recovery does not serve our people nor our island.

In fact, we would even be as bold to say that is an abuse of your powers.

Your recent statements that you might join the State’s “Safe Travels” program by mid-May was devastating news to all of us that have been out of work, had to close our businesses, move off the island, and has taken away our hope.

With what we are seeing from the State it looks like our legislature is working hard to force you and the governor to get us into Safe Travels by July as they clearly see the abuse of emergency proclamations.

“It didn’t seem right that one single person had such authority for an extended period of time” – Tim Streitz

Many can not hold on any longer. They simply can’t.

Take action today and do what it takes to get us into the State’s “Safe Travels” Program.

In informal poll at the Vidinha Stadium parking lot meeting last week showed that out of 200 small business perhaps 10 will still be around by May.


These are not stats or people that you just ignore.

These are not people you just tell to go get PPP loans.

This is the end for many. Game over. Done. Destroyed. Ruined.

This isn’t just some news story you see on KOHN2 last night that spotlights our desperate need that you ignore or anyone ignores for this matter.

The health of all kinds, including economic and emotional are important as we pull out of this pandemic. The rest of the State is getting back onto the road of recovery.

If you truly serve all your people you will find the balance and get us into the “Safe Travels” program.

This isn’t about your pride. This isn’t about your opinion. This isn’t about political squabling.

This is about real people that are suffering greatly right now. People you serve. People you represent.

Mayor please get us into the State’s “Safe Travels” program today.

Not May, Not June, Not July…

Editors Note:

We encourage everyone reading this to do 4 things.

1. Comment on this post and tell us your story and why you think we should get into safe travels now.

2. Comment on the County Of Kauai Facebook Page Posts and let them know we need to get into “Safe Travels”.

3. Contact the Mayors office here and the Governor’s Office to let them know you want to get into “Safe Travels Now”

4. Support the movement. Share your story with us. Join our Facebook Page and Facebook Group

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Richard Rodarte
Richard Rodarte
3 years ago

While our family and friends small businesses are eliminated one by one. 
Kawakami is failing our island community while catering to Big Business (Target, Resorts) and the wealthy. This is not leadership, it’s submission, which is then thrust upon our vulnerable island community.

Jan Atkins
Jan Atkins
3 years ago

Mayor, be the leader Kauai voted for. Open safely NOW! Mahalo

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