Last night KHON2 reached out to us as they were working on a story about the current Kauai restrictions and they wanted to interview some local business owners.

Thank you to KHON2 for covering this story.

It was so sad to hear the stories of 3 of our local businesses who are hanging by a thread. There are many more on the island that are suffering with the current restrictions.

What many don’t understand is that most of these business owners have finally had to lay off employees as the hope for opening up had been dashed in November.

Some question why these businesses don’t just get PPP loans to get them by. Some have on the first or second rounds but this only goes so far and honestly why would they go into more debt without knowing when we are going to open up?

PPP loans can be forgiven but only under certain circumstances. Most business owners will be forced to close rather than take on any more risk.

Can we afford to wait for the “Safe Travels” program to open up in June or July?

If you ask most, the answer is a resounding “NO.”

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Janie Westerhout
Janie Westerhout
3 years ago

No PPP this time because it is not for less than $50,000. My company is too little.

3 years ago

Hmmm… we just received our 2nd PPP. It was under &50,000.00. I completely understand why a business would not want to take out the 2nd PPP in this climate. Especially when the first has not yet been forgiven. KAUA’I businesses are devastated.

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